FD Tennis


FD Tennis Policies

FD Tennis Invoicing, Direct Debit, Free Trials, Make-Up & Cancellation and Holiday Policies


  • All families will receive an invoice before the commencement of the term (No later than the start of week 2 of the Holidays in Term 1, Term 2 & Term 3 Holiday periods. No later than 2 weeks before the commencement of Term 1 each year) 

  • If a player joins the program once the term has begun, they will receive an invoice once their place is confirmed (For Hot Shots players, Junior Squad Players and Adult Group Lessons who conducted a trial, this will be after their place is confirmed after their trial)

Direct Debit

  • Every client who signs up using the Term Group Lessons or Private Lesson tab on the website will be asked to immediately sign up for our direct debit process.

  • Anyone who signs up to the Free Group Trial Tab, Mel will need to confirm their ongoing attendance after the trial. After that, Clare will send them the Direct Debit Link when the invoice is created 

  • If a family does not want to go on Direct Debit they have the option of paying the invoice in full within the 7-day terms

  • Direct debit is withdrawn from our client’s accounts every fortnight with the first payment coming out in week 2 of each term

Free Trials

  • We offer one free trial for the following lessons: Hot Shots, Junior Squads, Performance Pathway Program, Adult Group Lessons and Women’s Group Lessons

  • Free Trials are NOT available for Private Lessons. If a player wants to trial a private lesson they must pay for it. 

Make-Up & Cancellation Policies

Make-up lessons are offered for classes missed due to the following reasons:

  • Illness
  • Injury
  • School Camp
  • Family Emergency

To be eligible for a make-up lesson, you must contact your coach before our cut-off times which are:

  • AM Lessons: 7pm on the night prior
  • PM Lessons: 10am on the day of the lesson

We offer up to 2 make-up lessons per term per player for all group, squad and private lessons when sufficient notice is given to the coach.  

*If a player attends multiple lessons per week, they are entitled to 2 make-up lessons per term per lesson as long as the missed lesson falls under one of the make-up lesson reasons and they have given the coach sufficient notice that the class will be missed.

To notify FD Tennis of a missed lesson, please contact the coach or Mel admin@fdtenins.com.au before the above cut-off times. To arrange a make-up lesson for a squad or group lesson, please contact Mel admin@fdtennis.com.au to arrange a suitable class. You will be given numerous options during the current term. If you are owed a make-up lesson for a missed private lesson that qualifies, your coach will be in touch to arrange a suitable replacement date and time. Make-up lessons cannot be carried on to the next term for Group, Squad or Private Lessons. 

To make-up a missed semi-private lesson, please contact Mel admin@fdtennis.com.au and she will place you in a group lesson with the appropriate level and class duration.

All lessons that are washed out, a heat out or the coach is absent, will be made up and you will be contacted by FD Tennis to arrange a suitable replacement class. 

If a family member has a long-term illness or injury, please contact Mel admin@fdtennis.com.au

Term Time Holidays

A player or their family must give the company a minimum of two weeks’ notice if they are going on holiday during the term. This allows our coaches to rearrange their schedule to fill the gap if it’s a private lesson. In terms of a player missing a group lesson and has notified our team in the allocated time, they will be offered a make-up in a similar level group at another point in the term. We offer no more than 2 make-up lessons per term per player for all group and squad lessons when sufficient notice is given to the coach.

Make-Up & Cancellation FAQ’s

Scenario 1: My child has been picked up after school and isn’t feeling well, can we get a makeup or credit?

Answer: In the instance where a child is picked up after school and isn’t feeling well, unfortunately, the notice period for a make-up lesson is considered too late


Scenario 2: My child has missed a lesson due to the weather (heat out/wash out), can we get a makeup lesson?

Answer: If your child misses a lesson due to the weather, FD Tennis will be in touch to provide options for a makeup lesson either during the term or during the school holidays.


Scenario 3: It has been raining or there is extreme heat, is the lesson still going ahead?

Answer: When uncertain about whether a session will proceed due to the rain/heat, no communication from the coach (i.e a text message) indicates the lesson will continue as scheduled.  In the case of rain during the session the lesson will be conducted indoors.


Scenario 4: Can my makeup lesson be carried over to the following term or credited to the next term’s invoice?

Answer: Makeup lessons cannot be carried over to the following term or credited.


Scenario 5: My child has a school performance on this and cannot attend their class. Can I please receive a make-up lesson?

Answer: We only offer a make-up lesson for a school camp and this is only once a year per child. This is the only school event that qualifies for a make-up lesson.


Scenario 6: My child has sustained a significant injury (i.e broken their leg) or has a long-term illness (defined as longer than 2 weeks absence), can we get credit for these missed lessons?

Answer: For situations where a child sustains a significant injury or has a long-term illness, credits can be arranged based on extenuating circumstances or prolonged recovery periods.  Please discuss this with admin@fdtennis.com.au


Scenario 7: My family is going overseas for an extended period and we have given FD Tennis at least two weeks’ notice, can these lessons be credited to the next term’s invoice?

Answer: If you’ve planned an absence and informed FD Tennis of this before the term commencement, arrangements can be made for makeup lessons throughout the term (or during the school holidays). Please contact admin@fdtennis.com.au to organise these leave arrangements.  Only a maximum of 2 makeups will be allowed and credits (in the following term’s invoice) will only be given in extenuating circumstances and on a case-by-case basis.


Scenario 8: My child attends a group lesson on a Monday and also on a Wednesday each week during term time. What is the total number of make-up lessons my child is able to access each term if they miss a class for the appropriate make-up reason and I give the coach sufficient notice?

Answer: Your family member is entitled to 4 make-up lessons (2 per class per term) provided they miss a lesson for the appropriate make-up reason and that coach is informed in sufficient time. 

Player withdrawals during Term time

If a player withdraws from their lesson during the term (without giving notice at the beginning of the term to Mel admin@fdtennis.com.au) they will be required to pay an early termination fee of 2 lessons