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The Importance of a Return of Serve Routine

Many times I’m down at the courts and I see players practising their Ground Strokes, Volleys and Serves but neglecting to practise their Return of Serve. When playing matches your first priority is to hold your serve but if your Return Game is poor, you will never get a look in on your opponent’s serve and the best result for you can hope for is being taken to a tie-break

3 Essential Tips To Help You Hit A Great Forehand Volley

The Forehand Volley is technically the easiest shot in the game to learn yet I constantly see players in clubland “overplaying” the shot by adding unnecessary elements to the stroke. In this article, we will go through three easy, yet essential tips to follow when playing a Forehand Volley. Follow these and your confidence when at the net will improve dramatically.

4 Essential Tips to Help You Hit a Great Forehand

I often see people who are new to tennis getting caught up in trying to nail every aspect of the stroke they are learning. More often than not this leads to frustration and none of those aspects ever really improving. Whenever I’m teaching the Forehand I’ll always refer back to these 4 Essential tips to help my player move forward in their development.