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Surface Types

Future Demand Tennis utilises several locations across Melbourne. By doing so, we have access to a variety of different court types. Each surface type can affect the speed of the ball and how it can bounce. Commonly there are 3 types of courts: grass, hard, and clay/porous.

How to Choose a Tennis Racquet

When choosing a tennis racquet, there is A LOT to consider. This includes head size, racquet weight and string pattern. In this article, we will explain the importance of each of these factors and go in to detail in what type of racquet may suit you the best depending on your ability and style of play.

The Technology of Tennis

Technology continues to evolve in almost every aspect of life – and tennis is no exception to this. This includes the advancements of tennis racquets, tennis shoes, tennis strings, hawk-eye technology and telemetry sensors.

How does Tennis compare to other sports for fitness?

It goes without saying that tennis is definitely one of the more physically demanding sports out there. The amount of strain that is put on the shoulders, legs, hips, etc. is almost unmatched in any sport. However, every sport requires a different type of fitness training which is suitable for that specific sport.

Our Coaching Methodology: ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Program (3-12 years old)

[Sport is a vital part of childhood development, through sports, the child improves not only their fundamental motor skills but the ability to socialise with their peers. They learn about teamwork and of course, about individual roles. Additionally, through sports, children acquire values, these values can be helpful in a sporting environment but also transferable …

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