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Top 5 Serves of All Time – Perfection, Power and Precision

Tennis consists of three main strokes which are forehand, backhand and the hardest of them all the serve. Serve is the stroke which is used to start a point in tennis and helps you dictate the start of a point. With that being said, serve is by far the hardest technique to learn and execute in tennis owing to so many technical elements required to perfect the serve. This article looks at the five best servers of all time and what are the constituents that go into making their serves great and borderline technical perfection.

4 of the Greatest Tennis Rivalries of All Time

There is no doubt that Tennis fans across the globe love watching high caliber players face off against each other in friendly (or not so friendly) rivalries. There have been so many phenomenal rivalries between players over the years, however a few stand out over the rest in terms of playing ability, excitement, close matches and fan following. This article delves into the greatest tennis rivalries of all time and touches upon what makes these rivalries great.

How to Hit a Volley in Tennis – Technique and Drills

A volley is one of the most underrated strokes in tennis. It is the stroke which is more often used in doubles than in singles. Volleys are crucial when it comes to finishing off points and also keeping the rallies short. In this article, the technique behind a volley is going to be broken down into three simple steps to make for easy understanding.

How to Choose a Tennis Racquet

When choosing a tennis racquet, there is A LOT to consider. This includes head size, racquet weight and string pattern. In this article, we will explain the importance of each of these factors and go in to detail in what type of racquet may suit you the best depending on your ability and style of play.