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25 Fun Facts About The Australian Open To Impress Your Friends

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  1. The Australian Open holds the record for the highest attendance of any tennis tournament ever staged with 812,174 people attending the 2020 edition
  2. The AO has been staged twice in New Zealand – 1906 & 1912
  3. Novak Djokovic holds the record for the most Men’s Singles titles with 7 wins
  4. Margaret Court holds the record for the most Women’s Singles Titles with 11 wins
  5. The Australian Open was the last of the four majors opened to professionals in 1969
  6. Out of the four Grand Slams, Melbourne Park (Australian Open Venue) is the only venue to have three stadium courts covered by a retractable roof
  7. The Australian Open holds the record for the latest ever match conclusion with the Lleyton Hewitt vs Marcos Baghdatis match in 2008 concluding at 4:33am
  8. The first Australian Open in 1905 was played on a cricket ground which is today known as Albert Reserve Tennis Centre
  9. After winning both his Australian Open Singles titles Jim Courier jumped into the Yarra River for a swim
  10. Ken Rosewall is the youngest and oldest winner of the Men’s Singles title
  11. Martina Hingis is the youngest winner of the Women’s Singles Title at the age of 16
  12. The Australian Open was a Grass Court Event until 1988
  13. Every year the ball kids who work at the AO are made up of a small contingent of overseas ball kids – 20 from Korea, 6 from China, 10 from India and 2 from France
  14. Over 100 Press Conferences take place over the two weeks of the AO
  15. The Australian Open is shown live in more than 220 Countries and Territories around the world
  16. The Australian Open stringers restring over 5000 racquets throughout the tournament using more than 60km’s of string
  17. The highest single-day attendance at the Australian Open is 93,709 at the 2020 edition
  18. Over 700 Journalists and Photographers cover the Australian Open
  19. Close to 50,000 Tennis Balls are used during the tournament
  20. Since 1905 the Australian Open has been staged in January, March, August and December with the Ja middle of January start time being in place since 1977
  21. Kia is the longest-running sponsor of the Australian Open beginning it’s deal in 2002 with the current deal set to expire in 2023
  22. The revenue generated from the Australian Open is over $330million
  23. The last Australian female to win the Women’s Singles Title at the Australian Open was Christine O’Neil in 1978
  24. The last Australian male to win the Men’s Singles Title at the Australian Open was Mark Edmonson in 1976
  25. From 1905 – 1968 the tournament was called The Australasian Championships and it became known as the Australian Open in 1969

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