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4 Essential Tips to Help You Hit a Great Forehand

4 Essential Tips to get you hitting a great forehand

I often see people who are new to tennis getting caught up in trying to nail every aspect of the stroke they are learning. More often than not this leads to frustration and none of those aspects ever really improving. Whenever I’m teaching the Forehand I’ll always refer back to these 4 Essential tips to help my player move forward in their development.

 Tip 1. Eastern Forehand Grip

To find the Eastern Forehand Grip the base knuckle of your dominant hand is placed on top of bevel 3 on the racquets grip (see video for bevel explanation)

 Tip 2. Begin swing taking a “C” shape path with the racquet

From your Ready Position take the racquet away from the ball and create a “C” shape with your backswing.

 Tip 3. – Contact in Front of your Body

After the racquet drops below the height of the ball you will swing the racquet in a low-to-high motion making contact in front of your body with the strings square on to the ball.


Tip 4. – Elbow to your target

After contact continue a long swing out to your target and aim to finish the swing over the opposite shoulder with your dominant elbow pointing to your target.

I find these steps are an easy progression for players to follow especially those learning the game for the first time. These steps are also great for established players who are maybe having issues with their Forehand and are able to take these tips to the practise court.