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4 Essential Tips to Help You Hit a Great Double Handed Backhand

[A Double Handed Backhand is the most common of the two Backhands for people to begin learning the game with. Having two hands on the racquet provides more support for the player and the swing path is often a lot easier to learn than a Single Handed Backhand.

Whenever I’m teaching the Double Handed Backhand I’ll always refer back to these 4 Essential tips to help my player move forward in their development.


Tip 1. Double Handed Backhand Forehand Grip

To find the Double Handed Backhand Grip (for right-handed tennis players) the base knuckle of your Index Finger of your Right Hand is placed top of bevel 2 on the grip of the racquet. The base knuckle of your Index Finger of your Left Hand is placed top of bevel 6 on the grip of the racquet (see video for bevel explanation).


Tip 2. Back Swing

From your Ready Position, begin your backswing by turning to your left and taking the racquet away from the ball to the same level as your pocket (see video for pocket level explanation) .


Tip 3. – Contact in Front of your Body

After the racquet drops below the height of the ball you will swing the racquet in a low-to-high motion making contact in front of your body with the strings square on to the ball.


Tip 4. – Elbows to your target

After contact in front of your body, continue a long swing out to your target and aim to finish the swing over the opposite shoulder with your dominant elbows pointing to your target.


I find these steps are an easy progression for players to follow especially those learning the game for the first time. These steps are also great for established players who are maybe having issues with their Double Handed Backhand and are able to take these tips to the practice court.

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